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Asset Management

Asset Management allows tracking of all resources within the company, risk assessments can be recorded and workflow triggers can be set up to monitor safety checks. New legislation under the Health and Safety Act holds company directors accountable for employee’s safety in the work place, and our Asset Management minimizes exposure.

Asset intensive industries are those who depend on the productivity and reliability of high-value and complex assets for their success. Often, there is a heavy Health, Environmental and Safety component to the business. You have a number of choices for enterprise asset management, but eTRIM plus also delivers a world class maintenance, repair & overhaul solution and the flexibility to include elements of enterprise resource planning, so that asset management can be a key component of the business environment.

Key Features Include:

  • Company vehicle records
  • Company equipment records
  • Vehicle and equipment valuation
  • Maintenance and replacement reminders
  • Operational costing
  • Risk assessment associated with equipment or location
  • Encompasses engineering, maintenance, purchasing and equipment operators.
  • Extends the solution to contractors involved in engineering, maintenance or lifecycle extension projects.
  • Includes project management for greenfield asset development, plant shut downs, modification projects and even to manage the entire asset lifecycle.





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