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Time and Attendance

The eTRIM plus Time and Attendance module offers a cost effective and highly flexible software solution. An unlimited number of work patterns and overtime options can be set up. This module can cater for every shift pattern eventuality including Flexitime, Annualised hours and Rotating shifts, break configurations and grace periods before, during and after a shift.

The Time & Attendance infrastructure uses a compact data collection unit that connects via mobile GPRS data. This unit is driven by iButton keys or by contactless cards, and transfers the clockings directly to our servers where our data collection module is operating 24/7 to receive and process the transaction information. This approach means that cabling and infrastructure is kept to a minimum, since the clocking units only need a power cable.

Our workflow module, which is also operating 24/7, will automatically email managers with timely clocking exception notifications.

Key Features include:

  • Flexitime, Annualised Hours, Rotating Shifts or Standard Hours
  • Handling both weekly and monthly paid staff
  • Track Employee movement
  • Premium pay and bonuses
  • Mifare proximity cards are used with a compact GPRS reader
  • Working Time Directive monitoring as required by law
  • Payroll data can be either imported directly into our payroll module or exported into a third party payroll system
  • Full integration with other modules





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